Industrial applications

To various industrial applications, we also developed several special engineered films for specific purposes. Flame retardant, Heat radiation blocking, UV cut, Durability to weather, Resistance to abrasion, Blackout to light and so on.

Apparel, Footwear, Glove

Nowadays, people are demanding for more protection and better comfortable functions from their daily use textile clothing. Functionality of fabric and components for apparel and footwear manufacturing are the key factors to success of items. Our special engineered films provide excellent performance of waterproof , windproof and breathable functions to enable your fabrics to be protective and comfortable materials, and our seam seal tapes help you to secure your final products in perfection of performance.

Medical Applications

For medical applications, our non-porous films provide absolute waterproof to terminate any infection from fluid intrusion. The excellent resistance of high temperature laundry and flame retardant functions further ensure durability and safety of your products.

Any other applications

We also welcome any inquiry from any other applications such as advertising, construction and so on. Except of films and tapes, we also can provide film printing, film adhesive coating, and film lamination to fulfill your specific needs.